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Piikani Nation Community Update – Removal Appeals Board

In our Community Update dated October 26, 2020, Piikani Nation Chief and Com1cil advised that
we had received a petition for the removal of Councillor Brian Jackson from Council. Pursuant to
the Election Bylaw, Chief and Council referred the petition to the Piikani Nation Removal Appeals
Board for deter1mination. In addition, effective September 30, 2020, Councillor Jackson was
suspended from Cuncil pending a final decision from the Removal Appeals Board. This
suspension was effective for any positions Councillor Jackson held on any Piikani Nation
Committees or with respect to any Piikani Nation corporations, and any other role he held by virtue
of being a Councillor.

On July 7, 2021, the Removal Appeals Board issued its decision and dismissed the petition. Chief
and Cow1cil have reviewed the decision, which contains a number of what we consider to be
reviewable errors. Accordingly, Chief and Cow1cil will be filing materials shortly with the Federal
Court seeking judicial review of the decision. Council will also be filing a motion to suspend the
decision while the Court hears and decides the judicial review application. In light of this, it is
prudent to maintain Councillor Jackson’s status as it has been until such time as the stay motion
has been determined.

Councillor Jackson remains entitled to attend Piikani Nation meetings and other meetings or events
that are open to all Piikani Nation members.