**Piikani Nation Distribution**
Amount: $250.00
Date: December 13, 2022
Location: Piikani Nation Community Hall
Elder Pick up: Piikani Nation Administration
Time: 9am-8pm
**All forms must be complete**
Please see poster below or visit our direct link for all forms required. https://www.piikanination.com/piikani-nation-per-capita…/ Please email completed forms to percapita2022@piikanination.com
If you have any questions or if you need assistance, please call Piikani Administration at 403-965-3940

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Piikani Nation adopts the Piikani Nation Animal By-law

The Piikani Nation Chief and Council is pleased to announce that it has adopted the Piikani Nation Animal By-law (long name being the Animal Control and Protection By-law, 2020), which applies to all Piikani Nation reserve lands. This law is now in full force and effect.

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