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A petition for the removal of Councillor Brian Jackson from Council was received by Chief and Council. The petition included extensive evidence that was considered carefully by Chief and Council. Pursuant to the Election Bylaw, Chief and Council have referred the petition to the Piikani Nation Removal Appeals Board for a decision as to whether Councillor Jackson should be removed as councillor.

The Removal Appeals Board will decide on the rules for the conduct of the hearing in accordance with the Piikani Nation Election Bylaw, 2002, as amended. The Bylaw can be found at https://piikanination.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/electionbylaw2002.pdf. The process to be followed by the Removal Appeals Board will include the opportunity for Councillor Jackson to answer and defend his position as part of the proceedings. The decision made by the Removal Appeals Board is binding. Chief and Council have no involvement in the process as determined by the Removal Appeals Board process or its decision.

It is important that the process is fair to Councillor Jackson, and that the process proceeds as contemplated by the Election Bylaw, 2002. Chief and Council request that members not jump to any conclusions and wait for the decision of the Removal Appeals Board.

Councillor Jackson has been suspended from Council pending a final decision from the Removal Appeals Board. This suspension is also effective for any positions Councillor Jackson holds on any Piikani Nation committees or with respect to any Piikani Nation corporations, and any other role he holds by virtue of being a Councillor.