On September 13, 2022, Piikani Nation Chief and Council enacted revisions to the Piikani Nation Election Bylaw, 2002, and on October 4, 2022, Council enacted revisions to the Piikani Nation Election Regulations, 2002.  Band council resolutions approving those revisions were posted to the Piikani Nation website shortly after they were enacted.


The revisions made to the Election Bylaw and Regulations were made to ensure that our elections legislation is clear, transparent and up-to-date.  These changes will, among other things:

  • Ensure there is no campaigning at polling stations or using recording devices at polling stations
  • Ensure that candidates do not have a criminal conviction in the last five years
  • Ensure that candidates have not been recently bankrupt, do not owe money to Piikani Nation and are not suing Piikani Nation
  • Protect member privacy by making the electoral list available only for viewing, and not posting

There are a number of other changes as well.  We encourage members to read the memorandum attached that sets out a more complete summary. PDF Download

The Consolidated Piikani Nation Election Bylaw, 2002 and Consolidated Piikani Nation Election Regulations, 2002 is available on the Piikani Nation website at https://piikanination.com/piikani-nation-legal/.

Questions about this matter may be directed to Corbin Provost, Chief Operating Officer, at corbin.provost@piikanination.com or (403) 965-3940.


Monday, October 24th, Peigan Board of Education hosted their Annual General Meeting via Zoom. Prior to the meeting Piikani members were given the opportunity to run in PBOE’s Board of Trustees Election. The election will be held on November 14th, 2022. For more information regarding the AGM and/or election, contact Amanda Grier at 403-965-3910.

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Piikani Nation Administration Information Session Meeting: Residential School Sites

Piikani Nation Would like to invite all community members to attend our information session. Piikani Nation will present the working group. Asking membership on how to address and make decisions, recommendations on the Residential School Sites. The intent of the Project is to ensure that unmarked graves is approached with community involvement and is carried out in a safe, respectful, and culturally appropriate manner.

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July 10, 2021
Re: Residential Schools Missing Children

June 10, 2021

The Chief and Council and Piikani Nation is expressing its deepest condolences to the Tk’eml¨ups the Secwepemc Peoples. We also mourn the deaths of the 215 children that died in the care of Canada and the Churches at that residential school on their reserve.

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Piikani Nation Community Update – Removal Appeals Board

In our Community Update dated October 26, 2020, Piikani Nation Chief and Com1cil advised that
we had received a petition for the removal of Councillor Brian Jackson from Council. Pursuant to
the Election Bylaw, Chief and Council referred the petition to the Piikani Nation Removal Appeals
Board for deter1mination. In addition, effective September 30, 2020, Councillor Jackson was
suspended from Cuncil pending a final decision from the Removal Appeals Board. This
suspension was effective for any positions Councillor Jackson held on any Piikani Nation
Committees or with respect to any Piikani Nation corporations, and any other role he held by virtue
of being a Councillor.

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