The Piikani Nation is a member of the Blackfoot Confederacy consisting of, the Bloods/Kainai, the Siksika/Blackfoot, and the South Piegan/Blackfeet in Montana.

Piikani Nation

The Piikani Nation consists of roughly 3600 registered members. Of this population roughly 40% live off reserve in urban centers that surround the nation.

The Piikani Nation has a land mass of 46,677.8 hectares and two additional reserves – 147a where the town site is located and 147b which is a timber reserve. Piikani people engage in a work on their reserve land, from ranching to agriculture, as well as spiritual and recreational activities. Economic development is a priority into which the Nation is investing time and material resources. While unemployment is high on the Nation, there is a deep desire to overcome some of the external causes and exploit the human and natural potential that exists at Piikani.

The Piikani Nation has one of the highest post-secondary graduation rates. We are proud to be home to professionals ranging from from lawyers, doctors, educators, scientists, RCMP members and military personnel. The Piikani Nation has established itself as a leader in various aspects of Aboriginal governance and have a rich history in shaping mainstream political movements in Canada that influence life for all Aboriginal people.

Piikani is an active member in various initiatives with the Blackfoot Confederacy, Treaty 7, and other Aboriginal groups. The nation is also a signatory to the Iinii Treaty signed September of 2014.

Written By: Lowell C. Yellowhorn
Assisted By: Abby Morning Bull